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15 01, 2017

Top 10 tips to collect debts from strata owners

By |2022-10-17T09:39:28-07:00January 15, 2017|Survival Guides|

Tip #1: Follow due process requirements when seeking to levy a fine. Strata councils and strata property managers will often seek to fine an owner or a tenant by issuing a simple letter informing the individual(s) in question of the breach and fact that the strata corporation has decided [...]

17 10, 2016

Top 10 tips to avoid problems with your strata corporation

By |2017-12-25T17:55:58-07:00October 17, 2016|Survival Guides|

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Tip #1: Review all relevant strata documents before purchasing a property. One of the most common mistakes made by prospective strata home purchasers is failing to adequately review strata documents before completing their purchase. Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to abiding by the strata corporation’s bylaws and [...]

29 08, 2016

Top 10 tips to avoid problems with your tenants

By |2022-10-17T10:14:22-07:00August 29, 2016|Survival Guides|

Tip #1: Do not rent out a property on an “as-is” basis that is otherwise in a state of disrepair. Many landlords believe that they can rent out a property that is in a state of disrepair on an “as-is” basis in exchange for lower-than-market rent. This is a [...]

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