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What do I need to consider before renting out my property in British Columbia?

BC Landlord Guide- Screening Applicants

Screening Tenant-Applicants

A thorough screening of prospective tenants by the landlord before entering into any kind of tenancy agreement is the best way to avoid future disputes. Tenancy Application Forms Landlords may wish to have prospective tenants fill...
BC Landlord Guide- Drafting a Tenancy Agreement

Drafting a Tenancy Agreement in British Columbia

Before drafting a tenancy agreement, parties should check to make sure that the proposed living accommodation does in fact fall within the scope of the Residential Tenancy Act (the Act). For example, taking on...
BC Landlord Guide- Security Deposit

Requesting a Security Deposit

A landlord may require a security deposit (or a damage deposit) from the tenant upon entering into a tenancy agreement. However, landlords may not require more than one security deposit nor can they require...
BC Landlord Guide- Pet Restrictions & Pet Damage Deposit

Pet Restrictions & Pet Damage Deposit

A landlord may wish to either restrict the size, kind or number of pets kept by the tenant or prohibit all together the keeping of pets. In all cases, they are entitled to do...
BC Landlord Guide- Move-In Inspection

Conducting a Move-In Inspection

On the day that the tenant is entitled to possession of the rental unit or on any other day that the landlord and the tenant may agree upon, the landlord and the tenant must...
BC Landlord Guide- Rekeying Locks

Rekeying the Locks to the Rental Unit

Prior to the start of a new tenancy, only upon a request by the tenant, the landlord must rekey the locks to ensure that no previous tenant can access the rental unit. The landlord...