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The latest advice, commentary and opinions from our contributing authors on current issues faced by cooperative housing organisations in British Columbia.

Co-op Membership Termination

Section 35 of the Co-operative Association Act, SBC 1999, c. 28 (the “Act”) outlines the situations in which a housing co-operative can terminate a members membership within the Co-op (i.e. the member has engaged...
Smoking in Co-ops

Co-ops and Smoking

Once taken for granted, smoking in multi-unit housing developments is now under attack.  The hazards associated with smoking and second hand smoke are well-known and the percentage of smokers in British Columbia has been...
Determining Residence

Under/Over Housing

Determining actual residence is one of the most difficult issues for any Co-op.  This is because it is ever so difficult to obtain the requisite proof required to establish whether or not a person...