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The latest advice, commentary and opinions from our contributing authors on current issues faced by landlords in British Columbia.

Business Activities in the Rental Unit

Business Activities in the Rental Unit

Most landlords assume that tenants will use the residential premises for residential purposes.  Some landlords may be surprised that the RTB-1 form of Landlord/Tenant Contract does not contain any provisions therein regarding the operation...
Rent it Right: Frequently Overlooked Residential Tenancy Issues

Frequently Overlooked Residential Tenancy Issues

Most landlords know the basics of the Residential Tenancy Act (the Act) and understand the mechanics of a tenancy. However, there are many unknown or misunderstood points that can greatly effect how you run your...
Rent it Right: LandlordBC’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Helpline Questions

LandlordBC’s Top 10 Frequently Asked Helpline Questions

We take calls every day from landlords and property managers across the province.  Each call we take is unique and has its own surrounding circumstances. However, some questions come up often and are common...
Rent it Right: Serving it right? Approved Service Methods for Landlords

Serving it right?

Being a landlord in British Columbia means having to deal with lots of paperwork. As with any business closely regulated by a government body, there are copious amounts of confusing rules and procedures on...
Rent it Right: Considering other Applicants- The Tenant-Selection Process

Considering other Applicants: The Tenant-Selection Process

Picking the perfect tenant is a good feeling but there is a downside to the selection process – rejection. It's simple math: if you have ten applicants, you have to turn down nine people....
Airbn-be gone! Dealing with short-term accommodations for landlords

Airbn-be gone! Dealing with short term accommodations in residential tenancies

So, you’ve just received a letter from your strata corporation informing you that your tenant has been fined for violating the strata’s short-term accommodation bylaw. Before receiving this letter, you had no idea that your...